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Lukoil Produces 40 Billion Cubic Meters Of Natural Gas In Uzbekistan

LUKOIL has reached a production landmark of 40 billion cubic meters of natural gas at its projects in Uzbekistan. Most of this volume (about 82%) was produced from Khauzak-Shady and Kuvachi-Alat fields in the Bukhara Province.

LUKOIL is implementing two large-scale investment projects in Uzbekistan Kandym-Khauzak-Shady and South-West Gissar - and remains the country's largest foreign investor.


Information:Commercial gas production from Khauzak gas field began in November of 2007.The West Shady site was launched in 2011. In 2014, a booster compressor station was commissioned at Khauzak field pushing gas production up 20 percent. In May of 2015, two gas processing terminals with a total capacity of 3.7 billion cubic meters were commissioned at Kuvachi-Alat field and the Northern Shady site of Dengizkul field, as part of the Kandym Early Gas project.

The South-West Gissar project saw the start of natural gas production in December of 2011. In early 2017, the Gissar Full Development project entered its final stage. Today,cumulative gas production from Gissar field has exceeded 7 billion cubic meters.


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