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Cementing and Pumping lab launched by PDVSA in WESTERN VENEZUELA.

The subsidiary PDVSA Servicios Petroleros, S.A. opened the Cementing and Pumping Laboratory in western Venezuela, a technology center with technical operational capacity to meet the design and evaluation requirements of the cementing of oil wells onshore and in Lake Maracaibo.

The lab is located at Independence Base on Simón Bolívar dock, Lagunillas municipality, Zulia state. It is the second Technology Center in the country and the first in the western region with advanced equipment for real-time recording of wells and the development of specialized tests.

This major project in the west took three years to complete. It brings significant savings for PDVSA, as it reduces the amount of contracted services.

Currently, the laboratory is fully equipped for onshore and in lake environments. This makes possible to reach autonomy in the provision of primary and secondary cementing services, well management, fluid pumping, well control and technical assistance.

Engineers and technicians involved in each project are highly trained and committed. Some 28 professionals make up the Cementing and Pumping team.

This lab will position the Western Production Executive Office on the cutting edge. Efforts such as this improve production processes and strengthen the technological development of Venezuela’s flagship corporation.

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