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PT Pertamina EP Performs Offshore Prime Drilling in Java Sea

Gresik - Chalid Said Salim as Director of Operations and Production, together with Asset 4 management of PT Pertamina EP conduct final checks on team preparedness and equipment ahead of the offshore drilling wells in Sumur Poleng N2 planned to begin on 21 September 2017.


"Today I represent the management of PT Pertamina EP want to know how the condition of the team in the field, and of course the readiness of equipment to be used for offshore drilling prime in Poleng Field", Chalid said when found on Rig ENSCO 67 that will be used for drilling at Poleng Field (20/09).


The location of the well to be drilled, Chalid added, named Poleng N2 or CW-12H well.


"Insyaallah with the beginning of prayer together and good faith and support of all parties, insha tomorrow (21/09), start drilling activities with the duration of work estimation reaches 45 days with the target depth reaches 9000 ft and estimated cost reaches USD 15 Million", .


Chalid added that the drilling is a form of positive synergy between Upstream Subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero), namely PT Pertamina EP and PT Pertamina Hulu Energi. 


"This excellent synergy supports the implementation of this activity, especially for PT Pertamina EP, which is the first time to conduct offshore drilling, it is a learning process for all related functions in planning, preparation and execution", he explained.


Furthermore, Chalid explained that through drilling activities is expected to produce 700 barrels of oil per day and 1.2 million cubic feet of gas per day. In addition, the drilling also aims to add hydrocarbon absorption points in the CW area of ​​the Kujung structure.


Encountered in the same place, Didik Susilo as Asset 4 General Manager of PT Pertamina EP said that Asset 4 is one of the most complete assets because in addition to having oil field, there are also 3 Gas Production Centers CPP Gundih, CPP Donggi and CPP Matindok.


Then, continued Didik in Asset 4 there is also a field on land and offshore like the one in this Poleng Field. Poleng Field entered PT Pertamina EP approximately 4 years ago. 


"This is the moment we have been looking forward to for a long time, after Poleng Field has been operating for 4 years with a good production level, we are now preparing a bold step by drilling, hopefully this drilling result is in line with previously calculated targets even higher again ", he said.


Meanwhile, Charles P. Siallagan Poleng Field Manager explained that until now the team of Asset 4 Poleng Field is very optimistic with the preparation of the drilling of the N2.


"We have prepared a special team for both technical and non technical teams for the smooth operation of this operation, we hope that this drilling will work well and can increase the production of PT Pertamina EP in particular and nationally in general, so please support from all parties for drilling This offshore runs smoothly and zero accident ", explains Charles. 


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