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Lukoil continues field facilities construction at north Caspian

LUKOIL deployed two convoys of vessels carrying constructive elements of Phase 2 field development facilities for LUKOIL’s Caspian projects.

The first convoy carries the drilling rig for the topside of the fixed offshore ice-resistant platform (LSP-2), brought to the V. Filanovsky field two weeks earlier. The second caravan will deliver the substructure of the wellhead platform to destination point at the Y. Korchagin field.


Phase 2 accommodation topside for the V. Filanovsky field and the wellhead platform topside for Phase 2 development of the Y. Korchagin field will be brought to destination points later, in line with the schedule.



The V. Filanovsky field was put in operation in 2016. Its initial recoverable reserves equal 129 million tons of oil and 30 billion cubic meters of gas. The annual production rate at plateau phase is 6 million tons of oil. In April of 2017 the cumulative production at the V. Filanovsky field reached 2 million tons. Yuri Korchagin field was commissioned in 2010. In December of 2016, the field’s cumulative production reached 7 million tons of oil. All the of shore facilities at LUKOIL’s Caspian fields were manufactured at shipyards in Russia.



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