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Cepsa, winner of IPRA award for communication of its project 'Reina Sofia'

Cepsa has been awarded the 2016 IPRA Golden World Award for Technology by the communication program yourproject 'Reina Sofia' ; an innovative system of loading and unloading ships petrochemical products, which the Company opened in March 2015 in its port facilities of Huelva.


This award is a recognition of the work developed from the field of communication, successfully translating the excellence and innovation of the project. Performance that managed to overcome the barrier of technical and specialized information, gaining notoriety at local, national and international level, with the creation of specific content and proper management of the different channels that allowed meet different demands for information, according to the groups of interest involved.


The IPRA Golden World, delivered by the International Public Relations Association, are the most prestigious of business communication worldwide. In this issue there have been more than 2,000 nominations in different categories.


"Having the ability to move institutions and society, through the media, innovative, sustainable and advanced, but also complex nature of a project like this has been a challenge for communication equipment. The success of the program we have carried out due to the integration of communication in the project since its inception, to our understanding of the needs and goals of the business and trust and collaboration that this has given us all process. 


Today looks recognized with these prestigious awards is a motivation to continue working seamlessly with business and functions Cepsa, with a clear orientation of service "in the words of Teresa Mañueco, Communications, Foreign Institutions and Corporate Responsibility Cepsa.


The communication program project 'Reina Sofia' has not been the only candidate of Cepsa distinguished in this edition.He presented under the title 'The business in the heart of the crisis', belonging to the category Corporate communications, he managed to be a finalist. In her adaptation of the model of corporate communication Cepsa approach it has made to the business and the B2B showed.

The final verdict of the jury and the awards ceremony this 61st edition, will take place next November in Doha, Qatar.


Cepsa is an energy group, 100% IPIC, which employs more than 10,000 professionals exercise their activity in all phases of the value chain of hydrocarbons exploration and production of oil and gas, refining, transportation and marketing of petroleum derivatives and natural gas, biofuels, cogeneration and sale of electricity.


The Company has developed an important petrochemical area that is tightly integrated with oil refining, which produces and sells raw material for the production of products with high added value that are used primarily for the production of plastics of new generation and biodegradable detergents. It has a strong presence in Spain and, through a gradual internationalization, also operates in several continents, selling its products worldwide.



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