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Cardón Finished Lubricants Plant received ISO 9001: 2008 certification

Cardón Finished Lubricants Bottling Plant of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) in Falcón state’s Paraguaná peninsula, received a well-deserved recognition for its quality management ISO 9001: 2008.


The “ISO 9001: 2008 Certification Award Ceremony” and the “11 Platinum 9000 Certifications” awards were held at Club Bahía’s Paraguaná Hall at the Paraguaná Refining Center. The Cardón Finished Lubricants Bottling Plant received these awards for its line: “Design and manufacturing of lubricants”.


Children from the Friends of Paraguaná Children’s Choir Foundation and the dance Group of the Oil Industry Retirees Association participated in the event.


Santos Marrero, FONDONORMA administration manager, read the Certificate ISO 9001: 2008, in its line “Design and manufacturing of lubricants”.


The Fondonorma certificate was also awarded to Ingrid Rincón, manager of Cardón Finished Lubricants Bottling Plant, and to Félix Danzaine, manufacturing manager at the Domestic Market Management Directorate.


Rincón said that "quality is not an end in itself but an ongoing journey; along the way you reap the fruits of your daily effort, make mistakes and correct them, fall and learn, and improve. I would like to thank the workers and congratulate them for this recognition; we are worthy of the trust and responsibility that PDVSA has placed in our hands”.


The flag and banner, which are certification icons, were received by the staff of the Finished Lubricants Bottling Plant, which also received the IQNet certificate, an international network of certification bodies, of which FONDONORMA is a member. This IQNet certificate lends international recognition to the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate that FONDONORMA has given to the plant.


FONDONORMA’s Margarita Lafratta and Santos Marrero presented the Platinum 9000 certificates, which demonstrate the ability of an organization to provide quality products, meeting the requirements of a particular standard and its customers, comply with applicable law, and maintain a Quality Management System characterized by sustained improvement and greater trust among users.


Lafratta said that “the Cardón Bottling Plant is being awarded two types of distinctions, one is ISO 9000: 2008, and the second is the Platinum certification, for having FONDONORMA seal lubricant products and for having ISO certification 9000: 2008, which is why we give it this Platinum recognition".


Here are the 11 families of products that were certified with the FONDONORMA Platinum 9000 seal:


• High Speed Gasoline and Diesel Engine Lubricants Oils

• Industrial Gear Lubricant Oils 
• Air Compressor Lubricants
• Turbine Lubricant Oils
• Industrial Hydraulic System Oils
• Lubricants Oils for Two-Stroke Air and Water Engines 
• Automotive Gear Lubricant Oils
• Lubricants Oils for Agricultural Tractor Transmissions
• Automatic Transmission Lubricant Oils 
• Lubricant Oils for Four-Stroke Motorcycle Engines 
• Refrigeration Compressor Lubricant Oils


In her closing remarks Eladia Flores, manager of planning control and management at the Domestic Market General Directorate, expressed her satisfaction "for being part of the awarding of 11 certifications. I want to thank all the workers who have done their share to produce the best lubricants of Venezuela, no doubt about it. This makes us feel that PDVSA has qualified personnel committed to the industry and to the country. Let’s put the Homeland first and do things with true passion as our Eternal Commander Hugo Chávez taught us".


The FONDONORMA distinction is unquestionable proof of the quality of products made at the Cardón Finished Lubricants Bottling Plant, and confirms the technical capacity of the men and women that drive the country's main industry.


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